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  • sparky1962
  • 56 years old
  • Ft Myers Naples, FL, USA
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  • peterporcupine
  • Darmok on the ocean

    Gentleman and scholar, kind, thought-full, seeks small, sickly, genius-girl with one eye and a limp [1]. A companion through adventure and hardship.

    History, science, literature, wordplay, geography, liberty, Classics, education, genealogy, philosophy, New England. Car-free, INTJ.

  • 59 years old
  • Concord, MA, USA
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  • mhrahman
  • Like Like
  • 46 years old
  • Barcelona, Spain
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  • dancingrabbit
  • Teacher's Pet
  • Teacher's Pet i! I'm a feminine lady with tomboy streak. I teach as it's something I can do everyday and still enjoy what I do. I am in adult ed. ...high school/GED and find it fun and challenging. In addition to teaching, I have a wide range of interests to share with new friend such as the outdoors, movies, music, exercise, kirtan, dancing, yoga and much more (hopefully, we have interests in com...
  • 56 years old
  • Adams Morgan, DC, USA
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  • miracle717
  • 45 years old
  • Quezon City, Philippines
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  • fiddler113
  • 59 years old
  • Woolwich, ME, USA
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  • kmettler1217
  • Hello dating world! My name is (something I'll give you on our first date ) I am a fun, vivacious, well spoken women in search of a man who is willing to grow with me as I start my new teaching career. I am looking for someone who is funny, charming, and extremely sarcastic. I want someone who would keep up with my shenanigans as my life i...
  • 31 years old
  • Leo-Cedarville, IN, USA
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  • ingela9
  • Naughty Teacher I used to be a college instructor & tutor.
  • 48 years old
  • Rural Area, OH, USA
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  • liveearth
  • As an Elementary Teacher and Environmental Educator, I have taught for many years in many different capacities, and in many different educational settings...teaching children and adults.
  • 56 years old
  • Kew Gardens, NY, USA
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  • glimar
  • i am so passionate for my career. tender, honest, caring, responsable, hard-worker, so passionate for my career as school teacher. I am single without children, living by myself. I would like to find someone with similar interest.
  • 59 years old
  • Bojacá, Colombia
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